Christmas Holiday Lights Tour Dyker Heights Sprinter Limo Service

Dyker Heights Christmas Limo

Dyker Heights Christmas Limo is here again! It is time to get the family together and prepare for amazing outdoor time. It is time to explore the Christmas Holiday Lights Tour Dyker Heights sprinter limo service for an experience of a lifetime. Without a doubt, the Christmas lights display at Dyker Heights Christmas Limo is a must-see for everyone, so you cannot afford to miss it. 

Don’t let the excitement dim by the thought of the crowd and traffic. Top of the World Limo is here for your transportation arrangement. You can trust us for a cute Long Island Mercedes sprinter rental that will be perfect for the whole family. Book Dyker Heights Christmas Limo right now.

Where are the Best Holiday Lights Displays in Dyker Heights?

The best holiday lights are installed from 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue. It also runs from 83rd street to 86th street. If you are traveling from Times Square, public transport will get you to the neighborhood in sixty to seventy minutes. 

Well, you do not have to spend such long minutes cramped up in a public bus. Choose a bespoke sprinter limo rental in Long Island and travel in comfort and style. You can enjoy a seamless tour with Dyker Heights Christmas Limo limo ride. 

Where Do I start watching the Dyker Heights Lights?

With so much to see, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing the exact place to start. We will recommend that you start your tour with the best viewing areas in Dyker Heights Christmas Limo. That is from 83rd street to 86th street around 11th and 13th Avenue. 

These are where the most popular houses that started the tradition are located. These include the Polizzotto House and the Spata House. These are located on 84th Street. We recommend that you rent a sprinter van with a driver if you are going on the tour with friends and family. 

However, if you are riding alone or with a few friends, you can choose our Long Island limo rental for a cozy and entertaining ride. We assure you of a beautiful limo experience as you watch one of the best lights in NYC.

What Time Does the Dyker Heights Christmas Limo Close?

Most of the houses in Dyker Heights turn on their holiday lights at 5 pm and leave them on until dusk. The best time to watch the light is between 5 pm to 9 pm because that is when the stunning lights will come to life with all the ornaments and other decorating elements. 

However, we recommend that you arrive early because of the crowd. You do not have to worry though. We have the best sprinter bus on Long Island for your trip to and from Dyker Heights. You can travel in a group or choose to travel alone to enjoy the sight. Whatever is your transportation needs, you can trust us to meet them without any glitches.

Where Can I park to see the Dyker Heights Holiday Lights Display?

Parking is often a headache in Dyker Heights during the holiday lights tours. With high foot traffic trooping to watch the light, you may find it difficult to park. However, if you want to give it a try, you can park between 7th Avenue and 12 Avenue on 83rd Street. 

This is the location where you will see the Forest of Lights and the Community Mayor’s Home. You can also park on 10th Avenue and 13th Avenue on 82nd Street. We recommend that you use a car rental service in Long Island instead of driving to avoid the stress. 

At Top of the World Limo, we offer bespoke Long Island limo service and luxury sprinter rental to and from Dyker heights for the holiday light tours.