Kids Party Limo Service in Long Island NY

Kids Party Limo Service in Long Island

So, it’s your child’s birthday and you are thinking of doing something big? Throwing a large kids’ party with their friends in attendance will undoubtedly wow them. Wait a minute! We know what you’re thinking about! 

You’re wondering how to transport so many children to a party venue safely and comfortably. Well, that’s why we are here for you. Top of the World Limo offers the best kids’ party limo service in Long Island NY at the best price. 

While you plan the big birthday bash, leave the transportation arrangement to us and we assure you of a fun time for your child and their friends.

Best Limo Service in Long Island for Kids Party

Imagine a luxurious limo van waiting for your kid and their guests for the party adventure? You’ve got nothing to worry about. You just have to plan the party and we will take care of the transportation to the party venue. 

The best part is that our vehicles come with the latest technology. So, you can connect your phone to the Bluetooth radio in the vehicle and play your kid’s favorite song. 

They are sure going to love every minute of the experience. It is little wonder that we are referred to as the best limo service on Long Island for a kids’ party.

How Much is a Limo Rental in Long Island for Kids Party?

So, don’t fret about the cost of renting a limo. It won’t dent a hole in your pocket and you can be sure that it is value for money. 

On average, you can pay $85 to $200 per hour for a large limo that can accommodate a sizeable guest party. If you have a large party guest list, you can settle for our luxurious party bus

For a party bus with a 14 to 15-passenger capacity, you can pay an average of $150 per hour. A bigger party bus that can seat between 16 and 60 passengers is available for a price of $199 to $350 per hour.

How Many People Can Fit in a Limo for Kid’s Party in Long Island?

We understand that when it comes to kids’ parties, the more the merrier is the name of the game. So, how many of your child’s party guests can fit into a limo. 

Most limousines seat between 8 and 18 passengers. If you opt for a standard limo, you can comfortably accommodate this number of people on your party ride. 

Some other limos can seat up to 14 passengers. All our limos come with exquisite features and with superb interiors. With us, you are assured of an affordable limo service on Long Island for your kid’s party.

Top Destinations for your Kids’ Party with an Hourly Limo Rental Long Island

There are dozens of party destinations that are child-friendly. That means you have many options to explore. 

With our hourly limo rental on Long Island for kids’ parties, you can be sure that we will get you to any destination of your choice. Some great places that your kid and their party guests would love and rave about include:

  • Local Neighborhood Pizzeria
  • Nunley’s Carousel Long Island
  • Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices
  • Pump it Up Plainview Kids Birthdays and More
  • Max Adventures Kids Birthday Party Place, and more

Why Choose Long Island Party Limo for Your Kid’s Party?

Over the years, limos have become a popular choice of transportation for partying. They can accommodate a large group of guests and can be specially customized for everyone’s entertainment. 

They are more comfortable with many features. Letting your kid ride in a Long Island party limo on their special day is a way of telling them that you value them. 

It is a unique way of showing them how valuable they are. In addition to this, using a kids party bus in Long Island from a reputable company like Top of the World Limo ensures the safety of your child and their party guests. 

Do You Offer Multiple Stops to Pick up Party Guests?

Yes, we do. At Top of the World Limo, our number one priority is the comfort and satisfaction of our clients. 

When you book a ride with you, we require that you provide us with details of your event, including the number of passengers you want us to pick up. 

We also request that you let us know the itinerary of the day and the number of stops you would want us to make. Based on this, we give you an accurate quote for the trip. 

After this, you can leave the rest to us. We follow your instructions to the letter and ensure that your kid and their party guests have the best of time with our Long Island limo rental.

Hire Kids Party Limo Service in Long Island NY

We understand your need for a safe, comfortable, and fun-filled transportation arrangement on your child’s special day. 

At Top of the World Limo, we are committed to delivering these and more. Talk to us today to reserve your kids’ party limo service in Long Island NY.