Long Island Wine and Brewery Tours Limo Service

Long Island Wine and Brewery Tours Limo Service

Long Island is home to some of the best breweries and wineries in the United States and there is no better time to go on a tour of these destinations than now. 

Top of the World Limo offers exciting packages that combine your wine and brewery tours into a single experience. You get to visit outstanding Breweries on Long Island and enjoy a variety of Beers as you explore. 

When you are done with the tour of the breweries, we’ll take you to the top wineries in the city for your wine tasting tour. Of course, if everything will feel too much for a day, you can have the whole weekend for your tour. 

Trust us to provide the best Long Island wine and Brewery tours limo service for a beautiful and memorable tour experience.

What Event can I use Long Island Wine Tour Packages for 2 for?

Since you are choosing one of the best Long Island wine tour packages for 2, then you are looking for a romantic getaway. 

So, this service will be perfect for a romantic birthday celebration, proposal, or a romantic weekend getaway. 

You may want to opt for Long Island wine tour packages with hotel for your special weekend getaway. We assure you of some amazing destinations that you will love. 

What Does Long Island Wine Tours with Transportation Entail?

At the start of your Long Island wine tours with transportation, we will pick you up from your location and provide you with an itinerary. 

This itinerary is customized to suit your specific requirements. Our professional chauffeur will take you and your partner to Brewery Houses where you get to explore at least two Brewery Pubs. 

You can enjoy the ambiance while you taste the variety of Beers on offer. You will also learn one or two things about beer production. 

From there, your chauffeur will take you to the wineries of choice where you can enjoy the delicious tastes of wines. 

What Time of Year is Best for Wine Tours?

Summer is the most popular season for wine tasting tours on Long Island. You will have the chance to socialize and mingle with other people and have fun. 

However, there is really no bad time to go on a Long Island wine tour. If you are averse to the crowd, summer won’t be a good time for you to visit. 

Each season has its peculiar advantages. Here are the highlights of each of them:

  • Summer: As mentioned, summer is a popular season for wine tastings. You get to see how grapes are grown first-hand before the harvest in autumn. This is the time to wear your favorite flighty dress and comfortable shoes for an exciting time.
  • Fall: This is when the harvest begins. It is one of the busiest and most exciting seasons at the wineries. If you go on a tour during this season, you’ll get to see how grapes are crushed and turned into wines.
  • Spring: This is when many wine connoisseurs begin to hunt for wine to have in reserve. You will find a variety of wines to buy for keeping during this season.
  • Winter: You can also go on a wine tasting tour in Long Island during the winter, depending on how snowy it gets. Winter is considered the slowest season for wine tours. That means you will have the freedom to ask lots of questions during your tour.

As you can see, you can go on a wine tour during any season. You never have to worry when it comes to your transportation arrangement. 

Top of the World Limo offers the best Long Island wine tours with transportation to meet your needs. 

If you’re planning to hold your bachelorette party at the winery, trust us to provide you with the best bachelorette party packages in Long Island that will suit your party need. 

What is the Oldest Winery on Long Island?

The first and oldest winery on Long Island is the Castello di Borghese/Hargrave Vineyards. 

The winery was established by Alex and Louisa Thomas Hargrave and they planted their first “Vitis vinifera” vines in Cutchogue in 1973. 

This vineyard became the first successful commercial winery on Long Island and led to the establishment of dozens of others. 

If you would love to visit and explore this winery, Top of the World Limo for your bachelorette party, Top of the World Limo offers exquisite Long Island bachelorette winery tour packages that will make your day.