NYC Christmas Holiday Light Tour Limo 2023

nyc christmas holiday light tour limo

NYC Christmas Holiday Light Tour Limo 2023

As the holiday season approaches, New York City transforms into a winter wonderland, illuminated by festive lights and decorations. Top of The World Limo invites you to experience this magical transformation with its exclusive NYC Christmas Holiday Light Tour Limo 2023. This luxurious tour takes you through some of the most spectacular holiday light displays and attractions in the city.

Long Island Christmas Light Installation at Bayville Winter Wonderland

Begin your journey at Bayville Winter Wonderland, where the essence of Christmas is brought to life with stunning light installations. Here, you can witness the creativity and artistry of holiday decorations. A limousine ride through this wonderland offers a warm, comfortable, and stylish way to enjoy the festive season.

Long Beach Light Show and Boardwalk Lights

Continue to the Long Beach Light Show, where the boardwalk becomes a canvas for a breathtaking display of lights. The reflections off the ocean add to the magic, making it a photographer’s paradise. Top of The World Limo ensures a VIP experience as you cruise along the boardwalk, immersed in the festive spirit.

Magic of Lights Event at Jones Beach State Park

At the Jones Beach State Park, the Magic of Lights event awaits with its drive-through light extravaganza. This event is a delightful experience for all ages, featuring festive scenes and characters illuminated in millions of lights. A limo tour here is not just a ride; it’s a journey through a holiday fairy tale. Experience the Magic of Lights.

West End Electric Light Parade in Long Beach

The West End Electric Light Parade in Long Beach is a must-see. With floats, performances, and an array of lights, it’s a celebration of community and holiday cheer. Witness this event from the comfort of a Top of The World Limo, offering an unrivaled view and experience.

Limo Service to Town of Riverhead Holiday Light Show

Experience the dazzling Town of Riverhead Holiday Light Show, where lights dance to the tunes of holiday music. A limo ride to this spectacle adds luxury and comfort, making the evening truly memorable. Book your limo to the Riverhead Light Show.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Explore the famous Dyker Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, known for its extravagant Christmas decorations. Top of The World Limo offers tours through this festive area, where each house competes to have the most elaborate display.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

No holiday tour in NYC is complete without visiting the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Stand in awe of this towering tree adorned with thousands of lights and decorations, a symbol of the holiday season in New York City.

Fifth Avenue Holiday Window Displays

Take a limo ride along Fifth Avenue to witness the legendary holiday window displays. Each year, major department stores create elaborate and imaginative window scenes, drawing visitors from around the world.

Bryant Park Winter Village

Visit Bryant Park Winter Village, a charming holiday market set against the backdrop of a free ice-skating rink. Here, you can shop for unique gifts, savor holiday treats, and bask in the festive atmosphere.

Customizable Tours

Top of The World Limo offers customizable tours, allowing you to choose your preferred destinations. Whether you want to focus on light shows, shopping, or iconic NYC landmarks, they can tailor the tour to your interests.


The NYC Christmas Holiday Light Tour Limo 2023 by Top of The World Limo is more than just a sightseeing experience; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of New York’s holiday spirit. With luxury, comfort, and the best holiday attractions, this tour is the perfect way to celebrate the season in style.