Prom limo service in Dix hills, NY

It’s prom season!  Time to dance,  wine and dine quite literally. Have you checked off your to-do list already, or are you just getting started?. Prom night holds a special place in the hearts of high school teenagers  because it seems to be the one night where things actually do feel dreamy, enchanting and just right. It is that time to have fun with your friends and be fussed over by your family. So what could possibly go wrong?  Um, maybe forgetting to get an exciting ride to arrive in. Getting a ride at Top of the World Limo should be at the top of your to do list. No we are not fussy about where in NY you are, you give us a call on +1-631-544-9477, or book online and get a reservation and we would be there. 

Limo service in Dix hills, NY

So what exactly does long island limo rental provide you with? We provide you with caravans of luxurious vehicles to choose from to fit your occasion and group size. Each vehicle is of the newest edition and they each come with efficient GPS tracking system. You can check out our rates and charges  here  to discover the type that would fit your personality, occasion and budget.  Our Chauffeurs are all licensed and are more than capable to handle your ride and take you to your destination safely. At long island limo rental we give you, 

  • Lots of luxurious vehicles to choose from. 
  • Highly trained personnel to handle your transportation. 
  • Newest versions of vehicles to stay up to date. 
  • GPS tracking system in all our vehicles. 
  • Refreshments 
  • Luxury to fit your taste, need and budget. 

Whatever wishes you’ve got for your vehicle service , we would grant it. All you’ve got to do is request a quote here  and book online to get yourself a reservation. 

Quote/Reservation for prom limo service in dix hills,  NY

It is quite easy to get yourself a reservation online on long island limo rental. You can visit our website here and request for a quote or call us on +1-631-544-9477 . Hurry up and get yourself a luxury ride now!! 

Transport services for prom in dix hills, NY

Got any Specific ride you want to make use of to get to prom this season? At Long Island limo rental  we’ve got your back to provide you with every comfort you can get from a vehicle. We’ve got varieties of vehicles you can choose from. If you’re not sure of what ride to get a reservation for, don’t worry we are here to help. You can check this out  to see the varied vehicles we have available and their rates and charges. For specialized request you would have to call us on +1-631-544-9477.

Stretch limo service for prom in Dix hills, NY

A good vehicle to have a satisfactory time in, with your friends on your way to your destination. Its one vehicle that comes with luxury, elegance and comfort. it’s chic and “chic” is the new cool.  Our stretch limos include, 

  • 14 passenger white Escalade stretch limo
  • 8 passenger black Lincoln stretch Limo
  • 12 passenger Ford Expedition Stretch White Limo 
  • 14 passenger white stretch Hummer white Limo.

Mercedes sprinter Van limo service for prom in Dix hills, NY

This vehicle is many words, but the one that pops most to mind is fun! Fun! Fun!. Contact us here  or give us a call on +1-631-544-9477  to get your reservation now!. You definitely should not miss out on this ride!. 

Luxury SEDAN car

The perfect luxurious vehicle for you and your date to have a quiet, intimate time in.  Book here now  to get a reservation. 

To see more on the vehicles we have available and the rates and charges applied to them, you can visit here  .

Prom limo services for school events in Dix hills, NY

What school event are you having? Is it graduation, prom or after parties?  Long Island limo rental is here to take care of your conveyance. It would be a safe, time saving journey as our highly trained chauffeurs are all licensed, ethical and  responsible. What vehicles do you need for your transport? It does not matter, click here   to view our vehicles and services . We’re here to ensure a safe and smooth journey for you. 

Prom limo service for high schools in Dix hills, NY

Our limo service would be available at all high schools in Dix hills, NY. It does not matter where you are,  just give us a call on +1-631-544-9477 or contact us .

The following schools and many others would be receiving our limo service this prom season.

  • Half hollow hills high school East 
  • Half hollow hills high school west
  • Candlewood middle school
  • Deer park high school 
  • Winston preparatory school – long island 
  • St. Anthony’s high school
  • Pidgeon hill school
  • Manor plains high school 
  • John Glenn high school 
  • Brentwood high school 
  • Commack high school, etc. 

Do not miss a chance to get a fabulous ride and make your night cool. Contact us  or give us a call on +1-631-544-9477 to know more  about us  and the services we provide. 

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