Prom limo service in Elwood, NY

Just like any social event,  prom night is a night that high school teenagers look forward to at the end of the school year . It has long since been adopted by many high schools and cultures around the world. It’s that time to wear your Sunday best, take lots of photographs with your friends to make and save memories and get a kick out of an extraordinary night. In some countries,  Prom is held as a passing out party or ceremony for the final year students. The school come together to celebrate the graduation of their senior students. It can also be seen as a social gathering for teenagers, for them to explore and improve their social skills.

It is not at all a surprise that in recent years,  prom has taken up a more competitive approach. It’s typical to notice prom attendees striving to get the best and have the best. This could include, clothes, dates and means of conveyance, anything to stand out and be among the happening trend. It is a showy occasion in which everyone is trying to shine and be the star of the night, an interesting event that attendees love to live stream, or post pictures and videos on their social media platform. 

Over the years, the arrival and entrance to prom has become more imaginative and bizarre. One of the most common ways teenagers use to show themselves off is through, arrival in a Limousine or any other luxurious vehicle. These vehicles are rented out by groups of friends to arrive at the prom event. 

Elwood, NY prom limousine service 

At Long Island Limo rental, we provide you with the best luxurious vehicles out there. We can be relied on to transport you safely, swiftly and efficiently from your homes to your prom event. Some of our services include; party buses , luxurious cars, executive black cars and limousines. Wherever you are in New York and what ever your transport need is, we are committed to helping you reach your prom night safely and comfortably. 

We offer a variety of Limousine services for your occasion. We have, 

  • Airport limo service 
  • Wine tours
  • Bachelor party limousine
  • Wedding limo service
  • Birthday parties
  • Prom night limo service.

You can view more of our services here  to get a better understanding of what we provide. 

So if you’re looking for a good ride to your prom night, Long Island limo rental  has got your back, rush and contact us here  to get your quote and reservation. You can book online on our website  or call our office directly on the number +1-631- 544-9477.

Transportation service for prom in Elwood, NY

Depending on your occasion, budget, group size and time that would be spent, we’ve got the vehicles you can choose from that would alleviate you,  each with their individual rates and charges you can find here.

Among the most popular of our vehicles are the, 

  • Stretch Limo 
  • 13 passengers Mercedes sprinter Van limo, and
  • Luxury sedan car.

Stretch limo services for prom in Elwood, NY

This is a delightful vehicle to hang out in and vibe with your friends. The ride to your prom event or any other after parties will be a cheerful and comfortable one. Our stretch limo collection includes, 

  • 14 passenger white Escalade stretch limo
  • 8 passenger black Lincoln stretch Limo
  • 12 passenger Ford Expedition Stretch White Limo 
  • 14 passenger white stretch Hummer white Limo

13 passengers Mercedes Sprinter Van limo for prom in Elwood, NY 

The perfect vehicle to make and share memories with your friends, captured on phones and hearts. Our Mercedes Vehicle services include; 

  • Mercedes Benz S 550
  • Mercedes Sprinter Van limo, etc. 

Luxury Sedan Car service for prom in Elwood, NY 

Looking for a luxurious but intimate vehicle for your small group of friends?  The luxury Sedan car is a good choice to have a good time with your friends.

      To find out more about the fleet of vehicles we have available, click here  to also check out the rates and charges for each vehicle. 

Quote/Reservation for limo service in Elwood, NY 

For information on how to get a quote and book a reservation online you can visit our website and if you’ve  got any specialized services call us on +1-631- 544-9477. 

Limo services for school events in Elwood, NY 

For whatever school event you are having from prom to graduation or any after parties, Long Island limo rental is equipped to provide you with variations of vehicles to choose from and different rates and charges to fit your purpose. Book a reservation here  and leave the comfort of your journey to us. 

Prom limo service for high schools in Elwood, NY 

Long Island limo rental  is glad to announce that we would be providing Limo and other vehicles for prom to the following schools, 

  • John Glenn High school
  • Northport high school 
  • Harborfields high school 
  • Elwood middle school 
  • Manor plains high school 
  • James E Allen Junior/Senior high school 
  • ST. Anthony’s high school
  • Half hollow hills high school East
  • Half hollow hill school West and lots of other schools. 

You can contact us here to get more information or call us directly on +1-631- 544-9477.

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