Prom limo service in Huntington, NY

As prom is approaching this season  try as you might to block it, the main thought going through your mind after getting a date, is how you can stand out and have fun. Yes fun! That is basically what a prom night is for, having fun through socialising with your friends and mates. So you start to plan and check off all the activities you are done and dusted with, clothes? shoes? ,date?, hair saloon appointment?, Ride to your prom?. No need to feel alarmed about what ride you and your friends are going to use to get there. At Top of The World Limo, we provide you with different vehicle services you can choose from, to satisfy your needs, budget and group size. We can be counted  on to provide you with the very best services and nothing less than that. 

Prom this year for you does not have to be like every other one you’ve been through. Yes! It could be unique, exciting  and  could be  something that you want to experience all over again or for the first time. It does not matter we’ve got variations of services to suit your purpose.  Prom first commenced as a dance party for seniors, but it has since  progressed into a grand and flamboyant event that gets a lot of attention among teenagers and social media alike. Apart from that, prom is a good occasion to loosen up, be cool and enjoy the moment with your friends. 

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To get a quote on what we provide, visit us here  and to find out more about the services  we have, you can contact us  on our website or give us a call on +1-631-544-9477.

Huntington, NY prom limo services 

When we provide you with our service, our goal is to make sure that you have a safe and delightful night filled with memories for you and your friends. That is what prom night is about and we want to add to that experience. Long Island limo rental  would provide you with every vehicle luxury and comfort that you need for your journey to create a complete and blissful night for you and your friends. Our staffs are all licensed and highly trained professionals who can deal with handling your conveyance. Our vehicles are implemented with the right equipment to ensure your safety and comfort. What are you waiting for? Visit us at Long Island limo rental  to view our services  and book a reservation .

Transportation services for prom in Huntington, NY

Looking for a transportation service in Huntington, NY to help transport you and your friends to your prom night? Stress no more. Long Island limo rental is glad to assist you in your transportation. Where ever you are, we would get you to your destination safe and sound. We offer exquisite fleet of vehicles that are available for your night out with friends.

Among our most popular vehicle service are the, 

  • Stretch limo
  • 13 passengers Mercedes sprinter Van limo 
  • And the luxury Sedan car 

Stretch limo services for prom in Huntington, NY 

We have got attainable variations of stretch limo vehicles you can choose from. We have, 

  • 14 passenger white Escalade stretch limo
  • 8 passenger black Lincoln stretch Limo
  • 12 passenger Ford Expedition Stretch White Limo 
  • 14 passenger white stretch Hummer white Limo.

Whatever would fit your group size and budget we’ve got it handy for you. 

13 passengers Mercedes sprinter Van limo for prom in Huntington, NY 

If you’re looking for a vehicle to fit a dozen of your friends then this here is a good choice. A pleasing vehicle that improves the users experience and a perfect carrier to chill in,  vibe and have a good time with friends.

Luxury Sedan car service for prom in Huntington, NY 

A good vehicle to create that intimate atmosphere for you and your friends. It is a good choice to use to help transport you and your date to your prom event.

To get more information on the vehicles we have available and the rates and charges, click here  .

Limousine service for school events in Huntington, NY 

For whatever school event that you are having, when in need of a limo rental service we are capable of providing you with adequate benefits that would make your ordeal with us worthwhile. You can visit our website or call us on +1-631-544-9477.

Prom limo service for Huntington High school

We are providing our services to Huntington high school and every other high school in the area. Do not miss out on this chance to get yourself a luxurious and comfortable Limo for you and your friends. Click here to request a quote, book online and get yourself a reservation. 

Our prom limo service would be in the following schools, 

  • Huntington high school 
  • Manor plains high school
  • Hauppauge high school
  • Harborfields high school 
  • Walt Whitman high school
  • Cold spring Harbor  Jr. Sr. High school 
  • Memorial junior high school
  • Northport high school 
  • Woodhull intermediates
  • Nathaniel Woodhull school 
  • Jericho high school 
  • Huntington community school
  • Maple wood intermediate school
  • Deer park high school
  • Syosset high school
  • Bethpage senior high school
  • Smithtown west high school
  • Westbury high school
  • Oyster bay high school. 

To find out more about us ,visit our website  or you can call us on +1-631-544-9477

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